E56: The Most Interesting City in America (w/ Dan Q. Dao)

For this episode, we welcome back producer Stephanie Kuo as guest host. She’s setting out on a journey to unpack the culinary legacy of her home state: Texas! And today, she sits down with Dan Q. Dao, a NYC-based food writer who also hails from the Lone Star State. She’s from Dallas; he’s from Houston. And even though they grew up with very different Asian-American experiences, they agree that H-town is America’s next great food frontier. Yeehaw? First, though, they talk about the visibility of marginalized Asian communities, especially in the South, and how the lack thereof deprives them of support they may need. This was especially true for Cambodian spinach farmers outside Houston after Hurricane Harvey devastated their small town and their crop.

Produced by Stephanie Kuo. Music by AF the Naysayer and Blue Dot Sessions.