E52: Tasting Something Other Than Shame (w/ Ijeoma Oluo)

Today's episode is an important one for us at Racist Sandwich. We talk a lot about the intersection of food, race and culture, but we're also a podcast about class – because we know a lot of people aren't afforded the luxury of food as leisure. For a lot of people, food is survival. But prolific writer and self-proclaimed "internet yeller," Ijeoma Oluo says the poor deserve more than that. In this episode, Ijeoma joins producer Stephanie Kuo for a frank and emotional conversation about food and poverty and how society uses food to deny the poor their dignity and humanity. They're made to feel shame about their hunger, their choices and their desire to enjoy life and eat something decadent every once and a while.

Thanks to the pair of awesome people who donated to RAICES as part of our quick Twitter fundraiser last week. RAICES needs all the support it can get to help immigrant families who are being detained at the border. It's not too late to give! Donate here.

Produced by Stephanie Kuo. Music by AF the Naysayer and Blue Dot Sessions.