E44: Hell in a Bread Basket (w/ Samin Nosrat)

In this episode, new producer Stephanie Kuo joins Zahir to discuss an op-ed she wrote for the Dallas Observer about her complicated relationship with white-owned Asian-fusion restaurants, shame and respect for cultures outside our own. In part two, Soleil interviews the spectacular Samin Nosrat, who is a New York Times Magazine contributor, author of the bestseller Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat, and all-around badass cook and teacher. They talk about Samin's new TV series, imposter syndrome and her five favorite condiments. Tune in to hear more!

We're also so excited that Samin's beautiful cookbook is a James Beard Awards 2018 finalist! Congratulations Samin!

Produced by Stephanie Kuo and Juan Ramirez. Music by AF the Naysayer and Blue Dot Sessions.