Bonus Episode: (Not) Feeding the Trolls (w/ Celeste Noche)

Do you remember our smash hit episode on racial signifiers in food photography featuring photog Celeste Noche? Since episode 14 came out last November, CBC has rerun the episode and Celeste has been interviewed about the subject by Quartz, the BBC, and Mic. And with greater exposure, the trolls have come out from under their bridge, showering Celeste and us with a lot of indignation over us claiming that eating tacos or using chopsticks is racist. (Hint: we never did.) We caught up with Celeste for a quick follow-up interview to talk about what the backlash is getting wrong and why she will, nevertheless, persist.

(We definitely suggest re-listening to episode 14 or reading some of the linked articles to refresh your memory of what we initially discussed.)

Produced by Juan Ramirez. Music by AF the Naysayer and Blue Dot Sessions.