E41: Only White Men Get to Be Geniuses (w/ Jen Agg)

Photo: Jenna Marie Wakani

Photo: Jenna Marie Wakani

Today’s guest is the one, the only Jen Agg—the Toronto, Canada-based restaurateur who, in a lot of ways, has been imposed with a sort of Cassandra role in the food media. She’s been sounding the alarm on the toxic and often violent masculinity that infests the food industry for years. She even went so far as to organizing a one-night conference on patriarchy in the restaurant world in 2015. She describes herself as “vigilantly pro-conflict”—her memoir, which came out earlier this year, is literally called, I Hear She’s a Real Bitch. And yet… what has changed for women in the food industry since she started ringing that bell? Tune in as we hash out all this and more!



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