E37: Minnesota Nice (w/ Amalia Nicholson and Aubry & Kale Walch)

How much do you know about Minnesota? In this episode, Soleil digs into the state, going both on and off the beaten path.


She talks with Amalia Nicholson, lifelong Minnesotan, and host of the Borrowed Interest podcast, about punk rock brunch and Garrison Keillor; dives into the Minnesota State Fair in search of pickle-flavored beer; and interviews Aubry and Kale Walch, the sibling owners of The Herbivorous Butcher, the world’s first vegan butcher shop—which happens to be in Minneapolis.

aubry and kale opening.jpg


Produced by Soleil Ho with TONS of help from Juan Ramirez and Chris Farstad. Additional music by "Johnny Cash" and Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra