E16: And You Tried to Change, Didn't You? (w/ Salimatu Amabebe)

How does it feel when your body doesn't fit the Western definition of "desirable," when no one around you looks the way you look, when taking up space seems like an imposition? For this episode, we wanted to consider these questions in the context of eating disorders and how living in a racialized body complicates the mainstream narrative of who gets them. Our guest, Portland-based pop-up chef and caterer Salimatu Amabebe, was kind enough to speak with us about her experience with eating problems and how it informs her own body consciousness, her feelings about desirability, and her career as an independent chef. (Thank you for the title, Warsan Shire.)

Produced by Alan Montecillo. Music by AF the Naysayer and Blue Dot Sessions.

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